Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Electric pressure washers play a significant role in keeping our surroundings clean. It is a reliable machine that can quite efficiently clean even the strongest of grime. However, with the use of Campbell Hausfeldelectric pressure washer one can feel that washing and cleaning the surroundings of the home is buttery smooth. On the other hand, it is a commonly accepted fact that there are many places in our house where we cannot reach out correctly. Hence, those areas of our home stay dirty. But with the use of Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer, it can be ensured that the inaccessible areas in our homes can be cleaned effectively. This brand of electric pressure washers is also known for their functionality and reliability.

Why should one invest their money in Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer?
If someone is concerned about keeping their houses clean, then this brand of electric pressure washers is appropriate for them. Moreover, the Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer can also wash your cars. Hence, it is quite evident that by using this electric pressure washer, you can clean both your vehicle and home. Moreover, by using this product, you can save a lot of time. The society in which we live is fast-paced society, and hence, you can save a lot of time by using this electric pressure washer. As compared to the garden hose, this product can generate high water pressure that is quite capable of cleaning the tough stains in the home.

Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Washer

The Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer is manufactured by using better quality materials that ensure its performance and durability. This brand first started its business operations in the year 1836. However, it is worth noting that it is quite famous for making agricultural equipment. Till now, it is still committed to producing tools that have high commercial value. It also manufactures tire inflators, pressure washers, and air compressors.

Here are some of the reviews of some top models of Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer. If you are thinking of buying a Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer, then you need to read the below reviews.

1. Campbell Hausfeld PW1625 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

It is that kind of an electric pressure washer that can clean the boats and the cars quite quickly. It can also be used for cleaning the inaccessible areas of your home. The PW1625 electric pressure washer can generate a water pressure of 16250 PSI that can quite efficiently handle the everyday cleaning tasks in your house. It can give you a professional experience and moreover it can save lots of time for you.

It has excellent features those appeals to the users. For instance, this pressure washer model is quite compact and lightweight. On the other hand, this electric machine is also equipped with a 120 V electric motor that draws 13-amp of current. Hence, you do not need a separate electrical port for using this device. Additionally, as it has a very compact space, storing it in your home is not much a problem. It is also quite adept in giving the quality performance. It has a 20-foot hose that can reach up to various parts of your yard and home. Also, it has a detergent container and a fan so that the users do not have any problem with its usage.

However, there are few points to consider while buying this product. Many users have complained about the existence of small holes in the washer, and hence you need to pay attention to this matter. However, these leaks do not have a direct impact on the performance of the product. Though it has some minor limitations, it is quite cheap and hence appeals to the users.

2. Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer with 1900 PSI

If you are on a tight budget and want a quality electric pressure washer for your home, you can opt for this product. It has an economical price that can significantly suit your cleaning needs. You can also expect decent cleaning performance from this pressure washer and it can be used for commercial purposes too.

One of the most striking features of this electric pressure washer lies in the fact that it has a highly sturdier frame. Moreover, it is portable too that implies that you can always shift this product from one corner to another. This unit from Campbell comes with an inbuilt detergent container that is quite vital if you want to remove tough stains from your car, furniture, and home.

It offers quality performance at an affordable cost. It has a pressure rating of 1900 PSI that is quite good. You can use it to clean a variety of areas in your home and your car. Storing this device is also not a big problem as this device has an onboard storage for hose, gun, and the power cord. It has a 120-V motor that draws a current of 14 amps. It guarantees for a reliable power whenever you are using this product. It also has an adjustable fan spear and turbo rotating lance. Hence, by investing in this product, you would be assured of quality and performance.

There are some things to consider while buying this product. It is vital for you to check the manual before buying this product. Also, few users have noticed that the unit gets overheated so make sure to turn it off in intervals. Additionally, as it is a medium duty washer, care must be taken not to overload it with tough cleaning jobs.

3. Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Pressure Washer with 2,000 PSI (Commercial-Grade with 25-Foot Hose)

If you are looking for quickly cleaning the tough stains in your home or car, then this product is very useful. It is a commercial grade electric pressure washer that has a pressure rating of 2000 PSI. One can now rest their worries on this washer as it is effective in removing the tough stains and cleaning the surroundings of the home.

It offers superb features. This pressure washer is manufactured by using a pump that has commercial quality. It has high-pressure seals that can be used quite effectively. This product also has tips that one can connect quickly. This product is versatile enough to be used for medium and heavy duty tasks. On the other hand, after using this product, you can store this tool in the shed. Moreover, the handle can also be folded to make sure that it requires less space.

It offers quality performance in its price range. This machine has a 120-volt induction motor that is quite efficient in carrying out cleaning tasks. Though it is an electric pressure washer, its cleaning attributes are that of the gas pressure washer. If you are in need of a pressure washer that is reliable in nature to clean your stables, cars, and house, then this product would suit your needs.

There are several points that you should consider while buying this product. The first and foremost is that it is known for its optimum power and performance and hence is not a preferred choice in cleaning car or fine furniture. If you use this item on these products, then there are high chances that they would be damaged as it has a high PSI rating.


If you are in dire need of an electric pressure washer that can single handily take care of all your worries, then these pressure washers from the home of Campbell are appropriate. You can consider the above three products as they are quite affordable and packs powerful performance. However, it is advised that you choose the product that best suits your needs. It is because the three products mentioned above have their set of advantages and disadvantages which may or may not appeal to you.

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