Generac 6596 2,800 PSI 2.5 GPM 196cc OHV Gas powered residential pressure washer – Let us Check it out

The Generac gas powered pressure washer is really useful for all cleaning jobs in the home. It is quite efficient in cleaning sidings, decks, patio furniture, driveways and washing your car.

Generac is one of the best companies manufacturing pressure washers and their model the Generac 6596 is the latest introduction to the market. It has a 2.5 GPM rate of flow and is backed by impressive 2800 PSI. This product has the power necessary to undertake the most stubborn and toughest cleaning jobs in your house.

The company has with this model lived up to its reputation of giving priority to the requirements and wants of the customers. They manufacture pressure washers which perform quite professionally while they are easy to use.

Generac gas powered pressure washer

Tech specifications

1. 10 inch wheels make it very portable

2. It has a 980cc Generac OHM engine which is quite tough

3. The fuel tank has a capacity of 3.8 quarts

4. You can start it with a smooth pull on the recoil start

5. 2800 PSI pressure which is good enough for the toughest cleaning jobs

6. With the 25’ hose made of PVC you have enough reach to high areas of the house

7. The footprint is small providing easy storage and the weight is 61.5 pounds. The size is 23.3 inches long, 16 inches wide and 40.3 inches high.

8. The cart is easy to move around and is constructed of welded frame including an integrated holster for the gun

9. The spray gun is ergonomic and is equipped with an inverted fulcrum trigger which is simple to use. This makes the connection with the rear hose easy and reduces the fatigue when you use it for a longer time

10. The detergent tank has a capacity of 3-4 gallons of liquid

11. This is a not very heavy duty pressure washer and has a perfect combination of power, affordable price and user friendly design. The design is robust and strong and this makes the product quite durable and long lasting.


It is made in the USA with high quality components and has a tough steel frame. The unit has a vertical and compact design which makes it easy to transport and stable. All the controls are located in such a way that they are easy to reach and use. With the 2800 PSI you can clean almost anything in the average home. The unit is provided with 4 different nozzle tips


The hose is of a poorer quality compared to the remaining unit and is prone to break. Gas powered pressure washers make a lot of noise and you need sufficient ventilation to use them indoors. It does not comply with the clear air emissions standards of California


This is a model that stands apart from the competition in the market. It has unique features, like the powerful engine, a sturdy cart frame and very accessible pump which make it a good choice for a long term investment for an affordable price.

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