Karcher K 5.540 review

When introducing a new item in the market you need to bear in mind that it has to be something that will stand a head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. And Karcher the manufacturer of cleaning supplies and products has been able to do this. Their Karcher X-series which features for the first time, an induction motor 2000PSI which is water cooled in a pressure washer which is a first in the industry. It has a hose measuring 25 feet and the model is named K5.540.

Many of the features of this item make it stand apart from the crowd of pressure washers in the market. It is meant to suit all requirements pertaining to cleaning in a home. It is specifically designed for residential use whether you have a house that has a lawn, a condominium or an apartment. It is an answer to all cleaning needs that youmay have desired, for a long time.

Karcher K 5.540 review

Features of the product

1. This pressure washer is suitable for all home types. Its weight is only 38 pounds which makes it lighter than many pressure washers.

2. Most electric pressure washers have the problem of overheating, but the K5.540 has a water cooling system attached to its motor which reduces the chance of over heating to a great extent/. As a result the induction motor has a better longevity than most other motors.

3. It is not assembled when you buy it, but has a quick connecting system due to which it is simple to assemble. The hose has a length of 25 feet and has a hose reel which allows easy storage

4. The N-Cor Pump is patented by the company and has a self priming/siphon capability. With its help you can also easily draw water from any source. You can easily adjust the pressure of the water with the help of the Vario Power spray wand. The wand has a button to help you adjust the pressure.

5. Due to the fact that this product is meant for residential use, it has a child safety feature which is included in the trigger gun which is quick to connect. All the hose systems of the machine are easily attached and you simply need to click them and push them into the space provided.

6. There is a dial for the flow of the detergent also which enables you to save the amount of detergent being used and also saves money in turn.

7. Hose kinks can be irritating, especially when the cleaning task is a lengthy one. This is not a problem with this product because it has an Easy Track Hose Feed system. With the help of this feature the entire unit is stabilized due to the centering of the hose and also prevents the binding of the hose.

8. There is a DirtBlaster Spray wand which is an extra along with the wands that you get with the package. An accessory storage is built within the unit which allows you to store all the accessories quite conveniently.

Tech specifications

> Dimensions – 15.6 inches long, 16.4 inches wide, 23.4 inches high and weighs 38 pounds.

> Along with these specs it also has a water cooled induction motor which enhances the efficiency off the motor.

> This is a high pressure electric washer specially designed for residential use.

> All hose systems have a quick connecting system. The trigger gun has a child safety feature and there is a variable power spray system which suits different cleaning requirements.

> There is a special spray wand which can be used for cleaning tasks which are very dirty. There is an accessory storage included in the unit.

> The pump technology is patented by the company and is self priming/siphon capable. This technology allows you to draw water from any ready source.

> The detergent tank has a dial which allows you to control the amount of detergent that you spray. It has a one year limited warranty. To prevent hose binding and kinks there is an easy hose track feed system.


The Karcher X – series K5.540 is one tough cookie to defeat when you compare it to other similar products in the market. Especially the child safety feature is the best because when you are doing the cleaning if you have kids around it can be a danger and troublesome both. It is quite difficult to keep a watch on the kids while doing the cleaning, but with the child safety feature on this product you can easily do both.

There is a quick connecting system for all the hoses which make it simple to use. There are no worries about making a mistake in connecting or assembling hoses.

There is a power spray wand which has variable flow pressure of the output. This pressure control can be operated with a simple button and you can easily adjust the pressure of the spray.


There are very few disadvantages to this product and one of them is that the hose is plastic due to which you have to be careful to prevent damage. However, if used properly and maintained well this product has a productive life span of 5 years.

Who needs this item?

If you want an excellent pressure washer in your residence then the K5.540 is the right choice. It is specifically designed for residential use while providing excellent results.

There are many features in this product which make it a worthwhile purchase. This is especially true of the child safety feature that prevents your kids from getting into any accidents while they are around the product.

It has 2 spray wands which will suit different cleaning requirements. There is a quick connecting system with the wands which is excellent if you want no hassles while cleaning.

Reasons to buy it

The main reason to buy this product is that it has all those features that you could desire in a pressure washer. It is also the first of its kind because of the water cooled motor which will increase the life span of the motor.


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