Keep your surroundings clean with pressure washers

The SIMPSON brand is popular because they are committed to serving their customers with quality and trust. They provide affordable pressure washers with the help of which we can keep our surroundings clean. They are concerned with dishing out quality pressure washers that can be used to keep our home clean. In this context, the MSH3125-S is a pressure washer that can be used to keep our house dust free. On the flipside, the customer satisfaction is very high in case of this pressure washer. Hence, this pressure washer signifies that it is of high quality.


This company is a vertically integrated organization. This implies that all the parts and spares of the pressure washers are all manufactured under the same roof of the business. Hence, it is quite evident that this company can lay proper stress on quality control. On the other hand, by manufacturing all the spare parts and components less than one roof, the company ensures that the price tags of the products are quite affordable and also boast high quality.

This company was conceived by Jack Simpson in the year 1960. While making pressure washers for painters, Simpson conceived the idea of manufacturing pressure washers on a large scale. By using a simple idea, he utilized a motor from a petrol based peanut harvester and placed it on a cart. From this point of time, the pressure washers began to be produced by the company of Simpson.

Clean with pressure washers

From the present success of the products of the enterprise, it can be said that the Simpsons are doing a fantastic job in producing pressure washers. These pressure washers boast high-quality parts and components that are very helpful in keeping our surroundings clean. They have turned every obstacle into a success story. Moreover, they learn quite efficiently from their mistakes, and this is quite evident from their commitment towards quality and serving the customers. In other words, this is a company that actually cares for their clients by dishing out several products at affordable rates.

SIMPSON Megashot Horizontal Series

It is a widely accepted fact that nowadays is the age where we like to do our things efficiently. It is a growing trend, and the SIMPSON Company has leveraged on this trend to give us the Megashot series of pressure washers. This series of pressure washers can be used both in our home and shops. It is associated to provide high-quality performance with very less investment.

The Megashot series of pressure washers lays stress on some new features that make these new models of pressure washers truly live up to the trend of do-it-yourself. One of the most prominent models in these series is the Simpson MSH3125-S. Let’s have a look at this new product and find out what makes it so unique.

• The ease of using this product: This product oozes simplicity. Even for a novice user, this product can be quite easy to operate. Moreover, it can thoroughly clean our surroundings. On the other hand, an individual can use this product to clean areas where hand cleaning is not possible. It can intricately clean areas like patios, home exteriors, and house sidings.

• The design of this product is very appealing: It is worthwhile to note that this product is designed in such a manner that it is very lightweight in nature. It has a compact and sturdy design that makes it highly portable in nature. It is developed and fabricated in such a way that it can be transported easily by a single individual.

• The motors: This pressure washer uses motors that are fabricated and designed by Honda, Simpson, and Kohler. These types of engines are quite famous for their high-quality performance and components. They are quite easy to start, and hence they are quite practical in our everyday lives.

• The PowerBoost technology of this product is patented: This product possesses a patented PowerBoost technology that keeps the engine running even if there are drops in the electrical voltage. Moreover, this patented technology is designed in such a manner that the increase in pressure translates to a better cleaning performance.

Simpson MSH3125-S | 3100 PSI Pressure Washer

It is a direct drive gas powered pressure wash and belongs to the Megashot Horizontal series. There are several specialties and attractive features of this machine that attracts users to this pressure washer.

The features of this pressure washer:

• The motor of this pressure washer is manufactured by Honda. The model number of the engine is Honda GC 190. The capacity of this engine is 187cc. It is 4-stroke and possesses an overhead cam/valve design.

• The pressure washer is free from maintenance as its design is based on OEM technologies. The engine also has an Axial Cam Pump with the technology of POWERBOOST. This, in turn, increases the performance of the pressure washer.

• The high-pressure hose of this device is the kink. One of a unique things about this product is that it is abrasion resistant which in turn provides lots of flexibility. On the other hand, this product is based on M22 connectors.

• This product includes heavy gauge components with steel plating that has pneumatic tires.

• This product also includes a professional spray gun that has a safety lock-out.

• It also has a downstream injection system through which detergent can be injected.

• It is also very convenient to use as all the accessories can be found on the dashboard.

The specifications of this product

This device has a Honda GC190 engine which is quite useful in producing the 3100 PSI pressure. However, this is not the only thing that one should be interested in this product. This product also comes with a maintenance free OEM technique like the Axial Cam Pump. On the flipside, the Powerboost technology can also help to increase the performance of the pressure washer.

Another unique aspect of this device is that it has a hose that is utilized by a MorFlex high tube which can generate high pressure. The hose is resistant to abrasion. It is an important aspect of designing this hose because when the pressure is exerted, it would be exercised in the backward direction. If the hose pipe is not abrasion resistant, then the result would be that it can adversely affect the motor. This, in turn, can damage the product. On the other hand, if the hose gets disconnected then it can also affect the people standing around the cleaning area. Moreover, the tubing of the device also provides great flexibility. It also has M22 connectors that give it wide practicality.

Also, the frame components of the Simpson MSH3125-S coupled with the welded steel construction gives it a sturdy and durable body. The 10-inch pneumatic tires also render it a very durable and portable frame. This implies that the maintenance of this product is quite easy.

On the flipside, the spray gun has its set of features. This device comes with a spray wand that can be very useful in spraying water for cleaning purposes. The final nozzle is named as soap. This nozzle can also be used as an applicator for soap. The professional spray gun of this device has a safety lockout too.

The dimensions of this product

The dimensions of any product or a device are important as a great deal of its appeal depends on its measurements. On the other hand, people nowadays prefer machines that are sleek in nature. This sleekness renders the devices with lots of practicality. It is so because we live in a society where we suffer from space problems. Hence, if a machine is sleek, it would occupy less space that augurs well for the users. The Simpson MSH3125-S lives up to this expectation.

The water pressure of this device is 3100 PSI. Moreover, the water flow rate of this device is 2.5 GPM. The motor type of this product is HONDA GC190. It has a four stroke transmission and comes with an overhead valve design. The pump of this device is an Axial Cam Pump. The wheels are premium pneumatic tires. The Pump/Hose connector is also present in this machine. It also has a hose M22 connector. The wand type of this device is connecting spray wand that has quick connect for spray nozzles. The orientation of the engine is horizontal. The frame type is of welded steel. The total weight of this unit is 65 lbs.

Components of the Simpson MSH3125-S

If you want to comprehend a device correctly, then you should know about the parts of the machine. The Simpson MSH3125-S has a wide variety of components and to properly understand it entirely; you need to know about its several parts.

• The Hose: It is a quintessential element of a pressure washer. It carries the water from and to the nozzle, and this is why a good hose is needed. The tube that is used in this device is a MorFlex High-pressure Hose. Besides that this hose is resistant to abrasions.

• The pressure Pump: In any washers, pump plays a crucial role in making the water reach properly to the machine. If a faulty pump is used, it will not help much. Hence, the pump that is used in this device increases the pressure of the water that flows through the instrument. The pressure that is produced by the pump is 3100 PSI.

• The engine: If the engine or the motor of the machine is not a good quality motor, then it cannot fully support the pump. The Honda GC190 engine used in this product is a good engine and takes care of all the requirements of the pump.

• The Spray Wand: It is designed for the convenience of the user. If the user wants to change the high-pressure nozzles quickly, then he or she can use this component.

• The detergent hose: It is a different pressure washer that can mix water and cleaning agents. This function is achieved by this element.

Several other parts are included with this product in the form of the handle, the frame the pump inlet, the outlet of the pump nozzle holder and the quick connect nozzles.

The engine overview of Simpson MSH3125-S

This pressure washer functions by using an all efficient Honda GC190 engine. This engine has got three parts that one should be aware of its proper functioning. This includes the starter grip, the choke control, and the motor switch.

Choke Control: The choke control comes handy when the carburetor requires frequent opening and maintenance.

The starter grip: This device is pulled so that the recoil starter can be operated carefully.

The switch of the engine: It is worth noting that the engine of the Honda GC-190 starts very quickly. The user just has to flip the switch so that the machine can be turned on. The Simpson MSH3125-S can be turned off by flipping the same switch in the opposite direction.

The features of the Honda GC190 engine

• The Honda GC190 engine used in this Simpson MSH3125-S is very fuel efficient in nature and has a high output operation.

• On the other hand, this motor also has a compact combustion chamber. Also, it is interesting to note that it has an overhead cam design. On the contrary, the unblock construction can actually reduce fuel consumption.

• The engine is quite adept at producing powerful torque that results in achieving greater cleaning efficiency. It also has a full RPM range that helps it to drastically reduce the speed drop of the engine when there is a sudden increase in the load.

• The engine is very compact and lightweight in nature in the case of Simpson MSH3125-S. Many people feel that it has one of the lightest drivers in the class.

• This engine also has the unique prestige to have an internal timing belt.

• The overhead cam has hardened resin as the coating that renders the engine durability and quietness.

• The construction of this engine is made in such a manner that it boasts a high fuel efficient motor. On the other hand, as fuel consumption is the main aspect of worrying these days, it is vital that the engine is designed in such a manner that it would consume much less fuel.

• This engine has a smooth and quiet performance. The inner timing belt facilitates smooth operation.

• The gear noise is minimized by using several components and oils in the engine.

• There is the high amount of precision in designing the elements of the machine. In turn, this results in lower vibration that can be very useful for users who like a serene environment in their surroundings.

• The Honda GC190 engine has proven reliability. The dual lube system that is present inside the machine guarantees for a smooth yet power packed performance. This technique can also be used to make sure that there is superior lubrication in the engine.

• The simple construction also makes sure that there is no need to maintain it in a proper manner on a timely basis.

• The engine components are made of high-quality materials. Moreover, they have the high fit and finish.

• The engine possesses a single compartment air filter that ensures that the engine can withstand rough usage patterns.

• This engine is also very easy to maintain and operate. As it is manufactured by Honda, it should be made sure that the engine should be operated in a rational manner as overuse of the engine can burn the components of the engine.

• The engine also has an easy access oil fill and drain.

• The spark plug is very readily available and hence provides practicality to modern day users.

• On the other hand, it has proven lifetime belt design that can be used for a long time. The engine can be run for a sufficiently extended period of time.

• The engine can be quickly started and hence renders practicality to the engine

• The parallel intake port is cross-flow in nature so that flow of the fuel can be smoothened.

• The engine has an automatic mechanical decompression.

• The engine is also compliant to emissions policies framed by various governments across the world. The engine is CARB and EPA certified. There is no catalyst needed to run this engine that speaks of the efficiency of the engine.

• The engine also has an inbuilt charcoal canister.

Safety instructions of Simpson MSH3125-S

Safety should be the primary focal point of every individual when they are using any machine. On the other hand, this is more powerful when you are using a power tool. The Simpson MSH3125-S is relatively easy to operate but using it in the wrong way can prove fatal. Hence, you need to consider the several safety guidelines that can be used to make sure that you and your family are not in any danger.

The risk of Carbon Monoxide and its indoor usage

The Simpson MSH3125-S is a pressure washer that should not be used for indoor purposes. On the other hand, this device should not be utilized in any enclosed spaces. This is so because the combustion that takes place inside the engine can release a byproduct called Carbon Monoxide. This gas is very poisonous in nature and can harm the individuals. Another problem associated with this gas is that it is toxic as well as odorless. Additionally, it can be said that it is colorless too. Hence, as a user, you cannot accurately identify it.

Always make sure that by using a fan, you cannot lower the impact of Carbon Monoxide. The doors and windows must be opened to ensure that the effect of this poisonous gas can be drastically reduced. The amount of fresh air supplied by the open windows and doors can effectively lower the volume of carbon monoxide produced by the machine. However, the harmful effects of this noxious gas cannot be lowered only with opening the doors and windows.

On the flipside, one must also take the placement of Simpson MSH3125-S in a proper manner as a necessary safety instruction. The machine should be placed outside the home as storing it inside can give rise to Carbon Monoxide. The machine has to be placed away from doors and windows as the winds can drive the air from outside the home to the inside of the home. It can cause poisoning of the insides of the room. Hence, anyone who is inside the chamber can suffer to a great deal in one of a fatal ways.

Always be aware of the signs of Carbon Monoxide affected persons. It is a very poisonous gas that can create a headache and dizziness. On the other hand, it can also cause chest pain, vomiting, and confusion. If someone experiences any of these symptoms, then they should consult a doctor immediately. Moreover, it is vital that an individual always seeks medical attention while being affected with this poisonous gas Carbon Monoxide. One should switch off the machine as early as possible. Another way by which an individual can operate this machine is by wearing a gas mask. This can significantly reduce the effects of Carbon Monoxide.

The other varieties of SIMPSON Pressure Washers

All three of the pressure washers have the same specifications as mentioned below. They have standard features and are quite versatile in nature.

• These machines have OHV commercial series engines that come with Oil Alert feature.

• The pump that is included in this device is AAA industrial triplex plunger pump that comes with the same patented Powerboost.

• These machines have a 4-stroke Honda engine.

• They have the same welded steel frame that provides them with durability and portability.

• These engines have a downstream injection system.

• It also has an accessory onboard storage system like all the other devices in the market.

• These machines also have a professional spray gun much like the pressure washer that we reviewed yesterday.

• The pneumatic tires can provide these machines with a large deal of efficiency.

SIMPSON PS4240H | 4200 PSI Pressure Washer

The engine that is present in this device is the HONDA GX 390. It has a power of 390 CC and has an output of around 12 HP. It is a commercial series engine with Oil alert.

• It has the same AAA industrial triplex pump that is plunger in nature and has these PowerBoost technology. This enables that there is high pressure at the end of the nozzle.

• It has the same welded steel frame. Moreover, it also has a steel engine plate and solid steel axle. It has got 13 inches pneumatic tires.

• Moreover, it also has the non-marring hose that has quick connectors.

The specs of this device are just breathtaking. It has a 390 cc engine that gives a power output of 12 HP. The water pressure obtained from this product is around 4200 PSI. The flow rate of this product is around 4.0 GPM. As Honda manufactures the engine, the user can be guaranteed of unmatched performance.

On the other hand, the engine specs are quite magnificent for this engine. It has an air-cooled four-stroke OHV transmission. The displacement of this engine is approximately around 390 cubic centimeters. However, one should be cautious about the unleaded fuel that this engine requires. It should be higher than 86 octanes. The dry weight of this engine is 32 kilograms.

SIMPSON PS3835 Powershot | 3800 PSI Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is designed in such a manner that it gives the maximum power output to the users. It is fuelled by a Honda GX270 model engine. It has the same welded steel frame and the steel plate that forms the underlying base of the engine. The maximum power output of this engine is around 270 CC. The water pressure is around 3800 PSI. The pump of this pressure washer is AAA industrial triplex plunger pump. The unit weight of this pressure wash is 123 lbs.

The engine specifications of this pressure are again quite impressive. The engine type is same as that of the above-mentioned series. It also requires 86 octane of unleaded fuel. The dry mass of this machine is around 25 kilograms.

SIMPSON PS3228-S | 3200 PSI Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is powered by a HONDA GX200 engine, and hence there are no doubts regarding the performance of this device. The same feature is present in this machine and also has an abrasion resistant pressure hose that is quite adept at providing quality cleaning. The same welded steel frame is present in this machine too. It also has a solid steel axle with 10 inches pneumatic tires. It can also generate a water pressure of 3200 PSI. Moreover, it has a flow rate of 3 GPM.


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