SPX3000 Sun Joe Review

If you have a cemented lawn, house siding, car or truck and also your equipment in the backyard then it needs cleaning from time to time. This can be quite a time consuming task but advancement in technology has made it easier to do such chores. Cleaning stuff around your house is even easier with the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer. The Sun Joe is an excellent piece of equipment as pressure washers go and anything from the dirt and mud on your automobile to the grease stains on concrete can be cleaned with this machine. This reduces the time taken in cleaning stuff around you house and you have more time for your other work or simply for relaxing.

SPX3000 Sun Joe Review

Description of the product

> The Sun Joe SPX3000 sends waves of pressurized water which can clean anything and this machine is not completely assembled when you receive it, but it does not take much time either.

> There is a double tank system for detergent solutions in this pressure washer with which you can use two different cleaning agents which makes your task easier. It is quite easy to change from one tank to the other with the help of user friendly switches. The machine also has a spray wand measuring 34 inches, which makes it easier to blast the water till a particular length.

> There are also rear wheels which make the gear mobile and it is easy to reach difficult places with the use of the wand and due to the wheels.

> There is a power cord measuring 35 feet and a 20 foot hose which makes the reach of the washer quite long. The pressure of the outflow of the water can be adjusted as per your requirements with the help of five spray nozzles which you can choose from. These nozzles provide 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees and also soap.

> Among the best qualities of the Sun Joe is that it automatically shuts down the motor if the trigger is notengaged.

> This pressure washer weighs only 31 pounds and it is easy to move from one place to another.

> The body is made of thick and sturdy plastic and steel is used for manufacturing the wand.

> There is also a 2 year warranty on the item so that you don’t need to worry if there is any problem with it especially in the case of manufacturing defects.


1. The size of this item is 39.9 inches by 15.6 inches when it is completely assembled

2. The cable does not get tangled due to cord lock

3. Double tanks for detergent in which you can loan 2 different cleaning agents

4. 5 nozzles which can be interchanged and help to select different pressure output of the water

5. TSS or total Stop System which automatically turns the motor off if the trigger is disengaged

6. Full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defects


• With the dual tank system of the Sun Joe SPX3000 you can change from one cleaning agent to another as per your requirement of cleaning. You don’t have to remove the loaded solution that is there in the tank and then change it to another one.

• You can load two solutions simultaneously and simply change from one of the tanks to the other one by pushing a button.

• There are 5 nozzles which are easy to interchange and they help you to select the required pressure of the water output as suited to your requirement.

• If you want a high pressure thin point spray you can select 0 degrees and for lowest pressure there is 40 degrees.

• There is a system for cord lock to prevent tangling of the cable.

• There are wheels on the rear side which make it easy to move the pressure washer from place to place.

• The power cable is quite long so that you can take the machine where it is needed even if it is far from the power point.


• There are no instructions for the assembly of the machine parts so it becomes difficult to figure out which parts go where. However the assembling is not difficult and anyone who has experience in using pressure washers will be able to assemble it.

• There is only a quick reference guide and anyone who has had even a little experience in using pressure washers can use it easily.

The requirements that it satisfies

If you have a wooden deck, outdoor furniture, concrete backyard, and sidings which become dirty easily, you should buy this machine. It becomes easier to clean the outdoors which would otherwise take many hours. Folks with a busy and hectic schedule and who want to spend the minimum time in cleaning should also buy it. Even if you belong to the type of people who is always on road then you can carry this equipment and avoid going to get your car washed every time.

Why you should go for it?

As you will agree that for most people time is money. If you need to spend hours in cleaning something then it can eat into your time which could otherwise be put to better use. At the same time at the cost of only $150 this machine is quite a bargain if you have a tight budget. You will not have to hire professionals to clean your backyard and spend a lot of money on cleaning anything at all.


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